NOV 12, 2018 TO NOV 26, 2018



Who can participate

The tour is all about looking at ordinary things of India in extraordinary way. There are no schedules but only moments that we wait for capturing both through and off the lens.

In this tour there will be quintessential India scenes right before the eyes and many more special ones too. This phototour is created not just for using the most terrific photo opportunities but through these there is objective to really delve deeper in Indian culture, life and all the beauties that other people leave unnoticed in their beautifully practiced, perfected and stage crafted usual tours. We would welcome any individual to join in our photo tour who has positive attitude for the following.

The spontaneous plans of walks in lanes, using someone’s rooftops, mingle in the crowds, getting invited to local weddings and getting to know people in wide cross section of Indian society.

Joining a group of 8 like minded participants. We will travel together in same vehicle, share our mealtimes and will have a lot of India related talks. The participants will have deep respect of Indian culture, an innate desire to see beyond the obvious and will have objective rather than judge mental viewpoint about the amazing diversity that will be visible in India.

People who are reasonably fit to walk, who don’t mind waking up in early hours and have fondness for varied Indian food. There will be knowledge conversations with the people in academics, arts and entertainment. Cuisine sessions, impactful photography sessions and impromptus schedules are part of the tour flow.

Send request to discuss for participation