November 12 to 26, 2018

Romance and royalty

Delhi - Jaisalmer - Jodhpur - Mukundgarh - Jaipur - Pushkar - Delhi


As a photographer there is no place in India more compelling to me than Varanasi. It brings to life in bustling colorful images all that you dreamt India to be. To witness hundreds of pilgrims bathe in the River Ganga at sunrise and sunset is to never put down your camera.

Varanasi 1

I gave a prayer as I photographed this young monk, a moment to beautiful to resist
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Varanasi 2

The symmetry of the fabric and the boy both rest under a burning sun.
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Varanasi 3

The sun is setting as crowds begin to gather for Diwali on the riverbank.
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Varanasi 4

In this mass of people all I could see was color.
Photography Trip in Spiritual City - Varanasi

Varanasi 5

Even in morning prayer there is a moment to be a boy.
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