October 29 2018 to November 13 2018

Royal Rajasthan Tour

Delhi - Jaisalmer - Jodhpur - Mukundgarh - Jaipur - Pushkar - Delhi


The itinerary that follows is a blue print for the journey we will share. But never underestimate the element of surprise waiting just around the corner.

Day 1


Welcome to amazing India! Upon your arrival in the Delhi airport and transfer to our hotel by the airport representative, I look forward to meeting my fellow travelers and going over our itinerary in finer detail. An exciting getting to know you.

Day 2-3-4


Splendid architecture in the old desert town of exotic looking people

Our photographic journey kicks off in fairy tale fashion as we fly from Delhi to the golden city of Jaisalmer, a city known for it’s adaptability to the harsh desert heat. There are narrow cool lanes, overhanging balconies, refreshing shaded courtyards and breezy gateways with delicate stone screen work,

as yellow sandstone lends itself to intricate carvings. The tiny winding streets and ornate facades lend themselves to wonderful photo opportunities. We will also plan an excursion to the outskirts of Jaisalmer where we can photograph the city as it turns golden in the setting sun.

“We will explore the Jaisalmer Fort, a living fort still inhabited which also affords us a great vantage point to photograph the city from above.”

Day 5-6-7


Blue houses, bazaar scenes, a majestic Fort and heritage walks

We now turn our direction towards Jodphur, as we drive across the desert to this beautiful indigo colored city. Our beautiful hotel is just a short distance from the oldest (and bluest) area of Jodphur which is worth capturing both from street level and/or above. A must see to experience and photograph is the sprawling architectural wonder that is Mehrandgarh Fort. From the endless balconies and terraces of the fort we can photograph the whole of the city dotted in blue and capture architectural details at every turn.

It might also be fun to walk Jodphur at dark and experience photographing India city streets by night. I have dined under the stars in Jodphur at a rooftop restaurant as fireworks lit up the sky. I also remember having some of my finest meals in the blue city. Walking after dinner might just hit the spot.

“I want to create an atmosphere of both intimacy and freedom for everyone to choose what most interests them visually. I am a very easy and spontaneous person and always open to suggestions for these three wonderful days.”

Day 8-9-10


Diwali mornings of marigolds and evenings of illuminations

Jaipur awaits us, a city I have truly come to love. Jaipur is incredibly friendly, bustling, busy and always inviting. Within the wall that surrounds the heart of this old city exists a honeycomb of countless shops and bazaars chock full of everything from handicrafts to flowers to spices to bangles and bracelets and everything in between. It is a cornucopia of delight for shopping and photography. One could easily spend the entire day on one street and never tire of this visual feast. The markets are open every day and just a quick tuk tuk ride from our hotel.

“After numerous trips to Jaipur, I have also collected a pocketful of great places to dine, discover and indulge. Famous shops like Anokhi, Gem Palace, Amrapali, Cottons and Fabindia are not to be missed. Also are the cafes, local restaurants and the best place to get a mango lassi.”

Day 11-12


Capturing the Indian life in Mukundgarh

Our trip changes course as we embark on the road to Mukundgarh, located in the less tourist traveled region of Shekhawati. There will be towns bustling with street bazaars and facades of old houses with colorful frescoes on lime plastered walls. These houses with magnificent entrances and stunning courtyards are known as havelis, the traditional mansions of India. We will be staying at the very beautiful Mukund Haveli, my favorite place in India.

“Our stay here will be an engrossing affair of lavish dinners, magical surroundings,cooking lessons, and our unusual photographic adventures.”

We will travel by car to enjoy a charming town with both photographic and shopping delights. Magic awaits our return to the haveli and a gourmet meal in a spectacular setting. In our other days here we will have time to catch the local fabric dyers at work early in the village, see more of Shekhawati to photograph some of the most beautiful frescoes and even visit a beautiful stud farm. There will be a Yoga and even cooking lesson at the haveli and I will enjoy photographing all of you! Cocktails and hor’doerves in the garden and dinner by candlelight in the courtyard.

Day 13-14-15


Horses, camels and nomadic life

Pushkar, your last destination of the tour will likely be most exciting. Everywhere your eyes turn you will find a sea of tents sailing under the vast desert sky. Here they house their horses proudly displaying banners of all colors imaginable. Vendors sell their wares while a ferris wheel spins in the background. Horses and camels alike are decorated with beads and bangles, painted with henna and adorned with flowers and jewels. It is endless and it is AMAZING.

The Indian sun is extremely bright and not the most flattering. We would do well to attend the fair in the morning and evening hours. The hours in between are open to gourmet meals, shopping delights and maybe time just to relax and look at our photographs. Are you ready for adventure? I certainly am.

“The Pushkar Horse and Camel Fair is a world unto itself which happens only once a year when horses and camels arrive by the thousands to be sold and traded or simply admired.
I have been five times and I never seem to take the same photograph twice.”

Day 16


Once again, the days in India have gone by too quickly and it will be sad to say goodbye. But it is my hope that as you head home on this day, your lives will have been enriched by what we have felt, shared and photographed together. The tour ends with your arrival in Delhi and transfer to the airport.