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india around diwali

The feel in the air tells for itself during the days around Diwali. The sun shines bright again after the monsoon months and this time these sunny days allow cool pleasant long nights to happen. For the first time in months the evenings are crispy and cheery. The mornings have a nip. The marigolds bloom and the immense harvest ready that grew in monsoons. Markets get flooded with arrivals of new harvests, flowers, crafts and everything kept for months for selling at right opportunity. Temples get bedecked with flowers and there is a flurry of early morning visitors as special temple ceremonies are held.

Meanwhile noted performers in music and dance take honors in performing in the celebrated lilting evenings, some of those involving stunning backdrops and amazing spectators.

Something unusual happens each time around Diwali. As if someone long lost will come for whom everything should smell fresh, every possible spot should be illuminated and every face must look the most welcoming. The night of Diwali is the night devoid of moonlight and on this night Lord Rama,the beloved Hero of the common people in Hindu Mythology, walked back to his Capital City after 14 years in exile.

The time of Diwali in India is the time of homecoming. The time when children living away come back to paternal homes. The time when people revisit their neighbourhoods, streets, bazaars, friends and their long lost past. The time of absolute joy of seeing each other. The one who has lived in India in the time of Diwali even for once can forever sense its impact even on the mere mention of it.

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